Top 10 Best 24 inch Wine Coolers Reviews 2022

Top 10 Best 24 inch Wine Coolers

From ancient times to the present, wine has been regarded as one of the premium drinks of upper society, with an aristocratic fragrance. Despite the fact that wine does not have an “expiry date” like many other drinks, maintaining this expensive drink is challenging.

Since wine is sensitive to light and humidity, preserving it means protecting it from spoiling. People used to store wine in the cellar in ancient times so that it would not discolor while still tasting delicious. With the advent of technology, 24 inch wine cooler with a range of styles and features today support consumers in storing their valuable wine bottles in the best possible way.

24 inch wine cooler

The reasons why an undercounter 24 inch wine cooler is your best choice

The ordinary wine enthusiast is conscious that when you uncork a bottle of your favorite wine, a swift countdown begins until that wine is no longer drinkable. An opened bottle of wine has an average lifetime of 3 – 5 days, with sparkling wines having even less time.

Since too many people no longer have the luxury of welcoming friends over, decanting their wine, and sharing a favorite varietal, the typical wine buyer must store the majority of their stock. Depending on your current or desired stock, a wine cooler may be a reasonable solution to your problem.

A place to store wine

Although most people would like to have a home cellar, not everyone has space or the budget for one. Home cellars are not for all, they are not always practical, and they are difficult to manage. Although you can store your wine in your pantry or a normal refrigerator, these conditions aren’t optimal for maintaining the consistency of your wine.

Getting wine storage means you won’t be eating up valuable space in your fridges or other areas of your house. Furthermore, if you have a huge number of wine bottles, it is a perfect way to keep track of your wine supplies and organize your stock.

Wine preservation

They claim wine improves with age, but only if it is properly stored. The advancement of wine preservation necessitates long-term storage conditions such as constant temperature, limited light exposure, and limited exposure to disturbance or shaking.

Although wine can be stored at room temperature, it is not the best way to keep it. Room temperatures will vary and change quickly depending on the season or even the period during the day. This is definitely dangerous to the wine preserving process. 24 inch wine cooler are designed to keep a consistent temperature and not change dramatically in temperature, which is especially important for fine wines.

Wine refrigerators also have humidity-controlling features such as thick insulation and ultraviolet-protecting glass to avoid light damage. There are characteristics that a refrigerator does not have. Humidity regulation is especially necessary because it keeps the cork from drying out and exposing the wine to oxygen.

Cost efficiency

The original construction costs and long-term repair costs of constructing a cellar are incredibly high. A home cellar would usually cost at least $15,000. Not to mention the fact that you would need to build the basement, which may take months and be fraught with problems and extra costs. Similarly, to achieve optimal storage conditions, you would need a continuously operating cooling system as well as a humidifier to ensure sufficient humidity. This will result in a monthly utility bill overcharge.

24 inch wine cooler will have the very same wine storage experience in a smaller and more reliable solution for your home. A wine cooler protects your wine while still fitting inside your house, being energy efficient, and having minimal maintenance. With too many technical advances, wine coolers have exceeded the traditional home cellar in popularity due to their low cost.

Cleaning issue

When it comes to preventing the wine from spoiling, the cleanliness of storage cannot be overlooked. The law also extends to your large wine fridge. Many 24 inch wine cooler brands have complex chemical methods for their interior tubing systems. Shop for products that make easy-to-clean cooling systems to remove the hassle of making a mess. Inquire with sellers about the amount of maintenance needed by their goods, and choose the brand that will save you the most time and resources.

Condensation can occur in any refrigerator at any time. Avoid keeping the door open as far as possible, just have baking soda on hand to absorb extra moisture if necessary. If condensation persists, make the vendor inspect the cap on your wine cooler.

Types of undercounter wine cooler

Compressor wine cooler

The compressor wine cooler is the first product in the technology category. Essentially, it operates by using hardware similar to that used in a standard cooler.

This method works by compressing and releasing air to lower the temperature of the wine cooler’s interior. The “vapor compression cycle” is another name for this cooling method. The internal temperature is greatly lowered when this type of technology is used.

The compressor wine cooler has refrigeration chambers in which a compressor mechanically compresses refrigerant molecules. The particles’ temperature rises as a result. Following that, the particles are abruptly released, lowering the temperature of the air. This cold air is then blown through the cooler’s interiors by a small, centrally mounted fan.

But where does the heat produced by the running compressor go? The energy exits from the back of the wine fridge, and it is therefore important to leave some space behind the wine cooler so that it can disinfect correctly and work at its best. This is a continual operation.

Thermoelectric wine cooler

The thermoelectric wine cooler is the next type of wine cooler in the technology group. This cooler employs an entirely distinct technology from the compressor cooler. It uses an electric current to cool the interior rather than an engine. A metal rod is electrolyzed to create a temperature difference in the design.

A small fan, similar to the compressor wine cooler, is used to disperse cold air in the cooler. It, too, needs back breathing, as does the compressor cooler, otherwise the cooling procedure would be affected. However, it also needs ventilation on all other aspects, so the user can keep this in mind. Since it lacks a compressor, it cannot be used in high-temperature environments.

In terms of power, the thermoelectric cooler is in the middle of the pack. Since it mostly uses its outside atmosphere to cool its interior, maintaining it in a temperate environment is important. This will have the best cooling conditions for this refrigerator.

Single-zone wine cooler

This cooler is, as the name indicates, a single, continuous storage room. One temperature is distributed and preserved in the cooler, allowing all bottles of wine to be cooled to the same degree. Within, the racks are designed to keep each container independently, allowing for better operating temperatures. Since it only cools to one temperature, the cooling system used for this kind of cooler may be either compressor or thermoelectric.

The efficiency of a single zone cooler is determined by the type of cooling system used. Since it cools faster and more steadily, the compressor cooler is more powerful than the thermoelectric cooler. However, based on how and when the wine cooler will be used, one does not always outperform the other.

It all comes down to personal taste, much as any other part of the wine cooler. The single zone cooler’s operation is based on consistency. As a result, those who are serious about a certain form of wine will keep the whole cooler at a steady temperature without having to think about it fluctuating.

Dual-zone wine cooler

The effects, including those of the single zone cooler, are right in the word. Within, there are two distinct storage compartments, which are normally divided by a horizontal partition. It will run two different temperatures at the same time because it has two separate parts. Specially designed shelves, including the single zone cooler, handle each container independently, resulting in more even cooling. The dual zone cooler, like the single zone cooler, will use thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling.

There is a fair risk that two different systems would be used to cool the various compartments by using compressor cooling. However, for thermoelectric cooling, all that is needed is a minor replacement of a thermoelectric rod in each compartment. Since they are so distinct, these considerations should be taken into account when purchasing.

This is the ideal cooler for those who are passionate about all wines. There is no need to fiddle with temperature sensors since the temperatures in the compartments are already presented. Both white and red wine may be kept separately.

Top 10 best 24 inch wine coolers

Phiestina 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine Beer Cooler Refrigerator

Independent temperature control: The temperature regulation range for the large wine fridge on the left zone of the 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine Beer Cooler Refrigerator is 2 – 10°C, which is ideal for storing beer, soda, and other drinks. The ideal temperature range for storage wine is 5-18°C. To efficiently set the temperature, press the temperature to activate the button before setting the temperature.

Energy-saving & low noise: Thermostatic wine cellar uses compressor refrigeration and a robust temperature control system to accelerate cooling while saving energy. Low vibration reduces noise and compliance with international energy usage requirements.

Larger capacity and value accessories: 6-tiered wine The right zone of the cooler will hold up to 20 bottles of 750ml champagne and the left zone can hold up to 57 bottles of 350ml cans. It is only includes W 23.4 x H 33.9 x D 22.4 inches. The shelf is flexible and reusable, making it easy to store beverages. Assisting you in making the best use of the available space inside.

Temperature memory: It can detect variations in outside temperature and automatically match the fixed storage temperature by using a precision temperature sensor. Using a pure copper tube evaporator, you can enhance the material’s health and prolong the life of your wine refrigerator. Keep your wines and beverages at the ideal temperature to ensure the optimum flavor.

Upgraded anti-UV design: The anti-ultraviolet sealed screen door will help to protect red wine by keeping the flavor from changing due to ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, we offer you lifetime professional support; if you have any issues with this wine cooler, please email us as soon as possible.

Things we like

  • The cooling function is fine
  • Make no noise
  • The lower bottom tray has lots of space

Things we dislike

  • Super heavy

Antarctic Start 24 Inch Wine Cooler

Capacity: This 24 inch wine cooler contains 18 liquor bottles (750ml) + 66 cans (12oz) of your preferred alcoholic beverages in varying sizes, and there is enough room that there is no need to clear any shelves to accommodate different styles and sizes of wine.

However, it only includes W30″ x D23.6″ x H34″ inches of your room which will help you save a large amount of space. Blue LED lights illuminate the interior wine, allowing you to see it more clearly. The transparent double-layer tempered glass door helps you to clearly see your drinks.

Quiet and low vibration: Efficient refrigeration system, reduced noise impact allowing the wine or beer to mature and settle properly with no damage to naturally occurring sediments. A lock screen feature stops the software from being interrupted by unintended activity. The temperature range is about 2 – 10°C (36 – 50°F), the right temperature would give the soda, cans beer, or champagne the greatest flavor.

Wooden shelves and handle: Frost-free stainless steel door and lock, as well as a double-layered tempered glass window and sliding beech wooden and stainless steel shelves. This is a chic exhibit that can complement all of your furniture, whether it’s in the dining room or the kitchen. The stainless steel rack raises the bar. The stainless steel handle has a length of 45cm which allows you to open and shut the door with ease.

Double-layer glass door: A 2-layer tempered glass window covers your set from damaging UV radiation while also allowing you to see anything. The seal is secure. The dual-pane glass protects against light and room temperature while keeping the wine at a consistent temperature. Convenient under-counter style, intended for use in the kitchen and the home bar.

Things we like

  • Nice and quiet
  • High-end looking
  • Locks for both sides provide safety from over-indulging
  • The light can be adjusted easily

Things we dislike

  • Shipping service with damaged product

EdgeStar CWBV80261 30 Inch Wide 26 Bottle 80 Can Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Center

Purchase two of Edgestar’s most fairly famous versions together rather than separately to mostly save money, or so they particularly thought. CBR902SG beer fridge with 80 cans and a dual-zone wine generally cooler with 26 bottles (CWR302SZ), which generally is quite significant.

Both units for all intents and purposes are suitable for either generally built-in or freestanding installation with a 30″ fairly gross combined diameter, which specifically is fairly significant. Scope for storage container 38 – 50 F & wine definitely cooler basically top zone 54 – 65; bottom zone 40 – 54 F, tinted glass doors, security definitely lock and contact temperature controls in a subtle way.

Both units will basically arrive right hinged and will ship separately, so both units will literally arrive right hinged and will ship separately in a very major way. You can for all intents and purposes reverse the door swing on one of the units to kind of create a nice basically french door style literally look by following the directions in the included manual, which basically shows that both units really are suitable for either for all intents and purposes built-in or freestanding installation with a sort of gross combined diameter, particularly contrary to popular belief.

Things we like

  • Customer service is helpful
  • Easy to switch the handle to get the french door

Things we dislike

  • The temperature system does not run at first

Aobosi 24 Inch Wine Cooler

Temperature control system: The dual zones can be regulated independently. Do you simply want the wine cooler zone to function? Turn it on and go. A0bosi 24 inch wine cooler is no effect on the beer cooler area. The left zone has a temperature range of 35.6°F-50°F, while the right zone has a temperature range of 41°F – 64.4°F. Chill your wines and beers to the optimal temperature for the best flavor.

2-in-1 function: Holds 18 regular Bordeaux bottles (width: 2.75 inches, height: 11.8 inches) as well as 57 pop cans. 24 inch wine cooler machine is suitable for holding Wine, Soda, Beer, and Water together. There is a safety lock available. Depending on the height of the bottles, the racks are conveniently flexible or removable. Assist you in making the most use of the available room inside.

Noise reduction: Using the cooler, it works softly (42dB) and easily cools. Cold air is circulated by high-efficiency compressor and ventilation fans, and the entire cooler can be stored at optimal temperature settings. Ensure that all bottles or containers have the same humidity level. Blue LEDs highlight each cooling zone, creating a chic, high-end design.

Built-in installation: When installed under your bar, you don’t need to leave any room for heat dissipation due to the stainless steel front vent. With its fashionable appearance, it can quickly attract your attention when freestanding in your living room, office, etc. Adjustable feet allow you to position the unit horizontally.

Warranty service: There is a one-month free trial period as well as a one-year warranty. In the meantime, we provide lifetime technical support and customer service for the piece. For an Amazon order ID, manufacturer warranties are automatically valid. If you have any concerns, please contact customer care through We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Things we like

  • Fit the under-cabinet
  • The 2 sides for wine and beer
  • It runs quietly
  • Kid-locked door

Things we dislike

  • AC plug is straight not at an angle

Zephyr BWB24C32AG Brisas Series 24 Inch Wine Cooler

This trendy dual-zone for all intents and purposes cooler kind of has two different temperature regions for wines and basically other liquids, making it suitable for serving drinks to all members of the family — and visitors, which generally is quite significant.

Fashionable very french doors for the most part make it very simple to kind of get what you need, and precise temp temperature monitoring, actually active cooling technology for even cooling, and a vibration dampening system mostly make it particularly easy to mostly get what you need in a generally major way.

Wine capacity with 21 bottles (750 ml) 64 12oz containers of soda compact, built-in, or freestanding installation. Temperatures range from 38° to 65° F. (each zone). The tone pressure level is 40 dBA. 6 black wire racks with black trim 3 clear-gray glass shelves. Electronic capacitive touch is used to control the device. R600a is the refrigerant form. Blue and amber LED Lighting/ 304-Grade Stainless Steel/ Active Cooling Technology.

Things we like

  • Nice touch LED lights
  • High-end quality of glass door

Things we dislike

  • Problems with temperature system

Kalamera 2-in-1 24 inch wine cooler

Kalamera 2-in-1 24 inch wine cooler really is built to actually provide you with a for all intents and purposes compact and awesome place to store for all intents and purposes your very favorite drinks while keeping them really fresh and actually cool and adding a generally modern touch to generally your home in a kind of big way.

Dual function: This beverage much cooler for the most part has two for all intents and purposes separate refrigerator compartments, which really is fairly significant. The left side for the most part is intended to kind of keep wine bottles at the proper temperature, and it can for all intents and purposes hold up to 33 bottles, which generally is fairly significant.

The right side for all intents and purposes has fairly clear shelves and particularly is pretty ideal for keeping cocktails, soda, spirits, and actually other drinks sort of fresh and basically cool in a pretty major way.

Super quality: Our drink refrigerator really is made of very high-quality stainless steel, which mostly is long-lasting, resilient, and corrosion-resistant in a very big way. The wine chiller particularly is sturdy and kind of quick to manage, and it will literally keep for all intents and purposes your wines pretty cold for generally many years to come.

Versatile display: The dual-zone 24 inch wine cooler is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen or bar. It can be installed under your kitchen counter or free-standing in your basement, pub, or garage.

This side-by-side refrigerator is not only powerful and functional, but it is also very trendy. It has a cool metallic hue and a sleek finish that will complement the décor of your kitchen or home bar.

Things we like

  • Run quietly

Things we dislike

  • The temperature display is widely off

Tylza 24 inch wine cooler

2-in-1 cooling zone: The dual cooling zones can be regulated independently with 35.6 – 50°F in the left-field and 41 – 64.4°F in the correct zone. Chill your cocktails and wines successfully to preserve their taste. Large volume holds up to 18 standard Bordeaux 750ml bottles of red wine and 57 standard 12oz/330ml can drinks.

Powerful cooling system: The Tylza 24 inch wine cooler provides quick, strong, consistent cooling and accurate humidity, helping you to keep your beverages in the best possible condition. It works with low vibration – noise can be managed to less than 38 dB, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in your home. This wine and beer fridge, with its simple and trendy design, will bring a bit of sophistication to your home.

Easy-to-use touch screen: By pressing the digital panel, you can quickly change the temperature and brightness, and you can lock temperature settings with the lock button. And in the dark, the white LED light helps you to see the temperature and interior state. The refrigerator defrosts itself every 6 hours. It will not be difficult for you to manually set.

2 safety locks: The streamlined architecture and double-paned tempered glass door ensure a safe operation and seamless air insulation. When you shut the handle, it will immediately lock and soft-close door functions with magnetic seals. In addition, the fridge has a door key lock on the bottom. Prevent incidents that cause harm to children.

Freestanding installation: The 24’ diameter wine and beer refrigerator can be mounted as an under-counter built-in or as a freestanding unit. The built-in installation allows for a maximum door opening angle of 180°, while the freestanding style allows for a maximum of 225°. You can handle your wine collections or cocktails with ease thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Things we like

  • Larger size mini fridge is perfect for beer and soda.
  • Lock-on it for when my kids get older (so they won’t get into my wine supply)
  • Cools down fast
  • Quiet
  • Came very well packaged.
  • Accurate temperature

Things we dislike

  • Hard to clean up

N’FINITY PRO HDX by Wine Enthusiast Wine & Beverage Center

Well-designed cooler: This 24 inch wine cooler is sure to brighten and beautify every space it graces, elevating your home bar or game room to a whole new level.

Dual cooling zones: Up to 35 regular Bordeaux wine bottles and 90 cans of beer or soda may be stored. The N’FINITY PRO large wine fridge has seven pull-out shelves in the left zone and four set beer shelves on the right.

Digital touchscreen: Without having to open the lock, you can easily change the temperature. Set each side separately for white or red wine and drinks; the left zone ranges from 41 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, while the right zone ranges from 36 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Less energy usage: The ETL-rated energy-efficient compressor consumes 25% less energy than its predecessors while providing the high-quality wine storage technology of a bigger, more expensive wine cooler.

Built-in: 24 inch wine cooler lightweight beverage cellar measures 33.5″ high x 30.25″ wide x 24″ deep and fits well under most counters.

Things we like

  • Plenty of shelves
  • Fairly quiet

Things we dislike

  • There is not a mode for the light to come on when opening the door

Lanbo Dual Door Built-in 24 inch wine cooler

The Lanbo 24 inch wine cooler has a high-performance cooling system that can have years of smooth, silent, vibration-free operation. Wine can be processed more easily in two different regions. The compressor red wine refrigerator has built-in flexibility, which means you can mount it in kitchen cabinetry or on the floor in rooms of your choosing:

Dual temperature zones: In zones with different temperatures with dual-zone capability, the advanced and adaptive controls precisely regulate both the upper and lower zones to ensure optimal serving temperatures. Different temperatures are appropriate for preserving various wines in order to preserve their fragrance and flavor.

Beech wooden shelves: In the built-in fridge, 13 sturdy and adjustable beech wooden shelves softly cradle your favorites, making it easy to slip out and display your entire set. Big bottles, such as Champagne and Pinot Noir, may be stored on the top and bottom shelves.

Security lock: A safety lock is required to prevent damage caused by an accident or unstable temperature caused by repeated door opening. Each zone has a safety lock that can protect various wines individually. The fact that it comes with two keys makes it easy to bring and store.

Stainless Steel Handle: The double-layer glass door is closely covered by a smooth handle and a stainless steel base. The door is made of high-quality glass that effectively protects against UV rays and external impact.

Things we like

  • Able to accommodate larger bottles

Things we dislike

  • Problem with the noise

Zephyr 24 inch wine cooler

This Zephyr 24 inch wine cooler model is intended for use as an under-cabinet, built-in, or free-standing device. The stunning French Doors are made of high-quality dual-pane Low-E argon-filled glass doors. The smooth door frame is made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. The interior and sides are finished in timeless charcoal.

The cooler unit has two compartments and a gross volume of 5.15 cubic feet: Six full-extension wooden racks with stainless steel trim are situated on the left. It has a capacity of 21 regular Bordeaux-sized wine bottles. There are three slide-out grey glass shelves on the right. It can store 64 12-ounce cans of beverage.

Zephyr 24 inch wine cooler features precise-temp compressor-based cooling technology and a powerful vibration dampening mechanism. This model has two separate cooling zones: the temperature range on the wine compartment (left) is 38° – 65° F, the temperature range on the beverage compartment (right) is 34° – 65° F.

Six black wood racks with stainless steel trim are featured on this Zephyr. These high-density black wooden shelves are sturdy and resistant to moisture. These racks have full-extension shelves that allow you to easily open your wine bottles. These six racks will accommodate a total of 21 regular Bordeaux-size wine bottles.

There are slide-out glass shelves with airflow openings made of elegant transparent-gray glass. You can stack 18 cans on each shelf, for a total of 54 cans, plus another 10 cans in the bottom row, for a total of 64 cans. This machine was designed at a construction project in Tiburon. This chamber (right) is used by the owners to hold beers at the optimum temperature of 38° F.

Things we like

  • No noise
  • The dual zones work well

Things we dislike

  • The delivery time

Things you should consider


The majority of refrigerators use a compressor. This unit cools air by passing it into coils with a chemical refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air inside the refrigerator and expels it into the air outside. When your refrigerator is working, you can hear a buzzing sound from the compressor. As large compressors cycle on, the decibel level should be checked. A whisper is about 30 decibels

Thermoelectric wine coolers do not use additives and instead work by driving energy through a tiny metal plate known as a heat pump. Thermoelectric coolers create no vibrations, making them an ideal alternative for wine lovers who want to mature fine wines without damaging the sediment in the bottles. They’re also absolutely deafeningly quiet.


By holding corks in touch with the wine, a large capacity wine cooler with racks built to accommodate bottles on their sides will keep corks moist. This makes corks plump and bacteria-free for years. Storing bottles on their sides is also beneficial for aging fine wines because it increases the surface area of wine that can oxidize in storage.

It’s not like all wine coolers are intended for the storage of alcohol. Choose a style of smooth-rolling, wooden shelves or metal wine racking that is built to cradle wine bottles on their sides. This makes it easy to see each bottle and keeps corks moist during preparation.


A wine cooler is a closed refrigerator with several compartments made of wood or metal. Most have a user-friendly touch screen that allows users to track the time and status of wine. You should choose one that complements your interior design and living room.

When buying a wine cooler, bear in mind the size as well as the position in which it will be placed. If the wine coolers are to be put in the living room or another wide room, one with a height of 40 inches or higher is the best alternative. On the other hand, if the coolers are situated in the kitchen or mini bar, a height of 32 – 40 inches or less is desired.

Energy efficiency

Your large wine fridge will still be on to keep your wines at a consistent storage and serving temperature. Pay careful attention to how much energy each model consumes, and search for the following energy-efficient design features to reduce the effect on your electric bill:

  • Thermoelectric cooling: One of the benefits of thermoelectric wine coolers is that they consume far less energy than compressor devices.
  • LED lighting: Good interior lighting allows you to easily read wine labels, but beware of hot lamps, which make it more difficult to keep your fridge cool on the inside. Low-temperature LED lighting is the most energy-efficient choice.
  • Triple pane glass: If you prefer glass over a solid door to display your champagne, use tempered glass for protection and triple pane windows for efficient insulation. This will allow cold air to enter and make your device work more efficiently.

Bottle capacity

What is the size of your wine collection? Choosing the correct-sized refrigerator would allow you to get the most out of your purchase. Consider how many wine bottles you have on hand on every given day, and add 20% to allow for growth. Buying a refrigerator that is far bigger than your desires will cause it to work harder to cool empty space; buying one that you will outgrow quickly will be irritating. Almost all wine refrigerators explicitly state their bottle capacities on the package or in the product summary.

Cooling zones

Dual temperature zones allow you to fine-tune your wine storage by having two compartments with their own control panels. You can adjust one zone’s temperature to be slightly cooler than the other, making this type of refrigerator suitable for serving multiple varieties of wine at the ideal temperature.

Single zone fridges, on the other hand, are the perfect choice for a small wine cooler. They’re much less expensive. Single zone cooling basically ensures that the inside of the large wine fridge is the same temperature inside, so every shelf holds all of your wine equally cooled. They are also ideal for long-term cellaring of both red and white wines, since you would most likely be k


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