The Surprising Health Benefits Of Red Wine

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Red Wine

I. Introduction

Along with water and tea, wine has been one of the most popular beverages around the globe. Wine has a long history, it is attractive and considered as an ancient drink. Red wines are made from different types of black grapes and the color of a red wine ranges from purple to brick red and brown. In this article, we would like to introduce you some useful information about red wine, and how healthy wine can make your day!

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II. A brief history, definition and how to make red wine

The history of wine stretches thousands of years and is inextricably connected with the history of agriculture, cuisine, civilization, and humanity. The earliest evidence of making wine in European countries has been found at archaeological sites in northern Greece dating back to about 6500 years ago.

Other archaeological sites have also found ruins that prove grape crushing appeared very early in Greece. In Egypt, wine has become a part of history, playing an important role in ancient ritual life. Traces of wild wine from the second and first millennium BC have been discovered in China.

This kind of wine is produced from different types of grapes such as black or red grapes. Since the juice from the grape is colorless, the color of the wine depends on the color of the grape skin and the time the skin is in contact with the juice. Young red wine (incubated not enough time) often contains a lot of tannins.

Over time, the tannins decrease and blend well with the other ingredients of the wine, so red wines tend to be aged longer than white wines. Red wine also has a number of typical flavors, such as cherry, raisin, strawberry, and raspberry. Manufacturers often mix different kinds of grapes to create a distinct flavor. In the process of red wine production, the skin of the grapes is crushed along with the intestines to produce juice and then fermented (aged) into wine.

III. Several types of red wine

Standing among hundreds of different brands of wine, surely many people are confused about which is the healthiest red wine to choose for their taste. If you are wondering what to choose a bottle of wine, please refer to the following seven most popular red wine varieties to choose the best bottle for yourself.

  1. Syrah

From far east France, where there are many classy grapes, but Syrah cannot be overshadowed. The strange taste with the aroma of berries, but mixed with the spicy taste of black pepper and grilled meat, perhaps because the shell is too thick, the high tannin level of Syrah is quite clear.

The high alcohol content with a strong fruity aroma gives Syrah a balanced overall flavor profile. When aged for a long time in a Syrah oak barrel it also has a flavor that resembles a delightful toast. What we can first feel is a characteristic deep red color and a distinct pungency in the mouth.

The high tannin content causes Syrah wines to have a higher age. You will only find these Syrah bottles in the mid-range or high-end segment. It will be worth the money for you to experience that taste once. The Syrah grape variety is not only grown in France.

Currently any wine country in the world also has this grape-like silhouette. Despite occupying a large area in the world, so far only California, Australia and the French Rhone Valley have had the perfect healthy wine from this grape variety.

  1. Merlot

Merlot creates lines of red healthy wine that will please new visitors with the gentle taste like silk velvet like cherry of herbs and incense. Melot feels light like a teenage girl when Merlot brings in moderate alcohol. The thin crust makes the tannin level quite low, it has less acrid taste, so the Merlot fits well with everyone, especially for those looking for healthy wine.

Mention Merlot, remember the French Bordeaux region. It is here that has produced and turned it into a top grape variety in the world. Currently in Italy, California, Romania, Washington, Australia and Chile, … Also very successful with Merlot grapes. Today Merlot is the fourth largest grape variety in the world.

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon

Inheriting the quintessence of both father and mother (Cabernet Flanc, Sauvignon Blanc), this grape is considered to be the best grape variety in the world to this day. Cabernet Sauvignon is often blended with Cabernet Franc and Merlot to create a distinctly complete flavor, which is usually considered as a healthy wine if it is consumed moderately.

Wines from Cabernet Sauvignon have a smooth taste but are very sharp when left in a short time, when you age Cabernet Sauvignon wine will give you more interesting feelings with the sharp smell of the pencil and the smell of a bell pepper.

The bad news for those who do not like vanilla, Cabernet Sauvignon wine has a very interesting feature, when long soaked in oak barrels will create a very clear vanilla flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon is present everywhere on earth, from Europe extending to the vine-growing regions of the other hemisphere just need a cold temperature.

  1. Malbec

It’s great Malbec has a wide variety of flavors, climates and soil types and even within the same region, different processing methods are enough to make a significant difference in the flavor of the wine. Malbec is often used to blend with some other grape varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot to create masterpieces, healthy wines in the market.

Derived from the cradle of many other successful grapes in French Bordeaux, its charm is associated with Argentina where it is named as the merry grape, producing the finest wine bottles. . Chile, Australia, cold climates in the State of California.

  1. Pinot Noir

The dignified lady of the Pinot Noir aristocrat who is difficult to raise this cultivated dog not only produces excellent quality grapes. The delicate skin and pure pulp are a great idea to help Pinot Noir create healthy wines ranging from red wine, white wine, sparkling wine to seductive pink. The red wine from Pinot Noir is similar to the low-tannin, low-tannin Merlot and is easy to drink for new connoisseurs of wine.

Gentle flavor filled with youthfulness brings sweet scent of cherry, strawberry, plum mixed with something dreamy of earth and fresh green tea. France is still the mecca of wine. The premium Pinot Noir bottles that will come from Burgundy, France or Champagne are also a difference. In addition to other parts of the world with Pinot Noir there are also delicious wine bottles such as Austria, New Zealand, Oregon and California.

  1. Zinfandel

The above Pinot Noir is considered as the world’s leading versatile grape variety. Zinfandel, although its reputation is somewhat lost, is not less flexible in terms of flexibility. Zinfandel can produce a gentle drop by drop white wine. But it also produces a strong, rich red healthy wine. Enjoy a glass of Zinfandel wine, you will feel the fruit and pepper flavor in your mouth.

In Italy the native grape variety is known by another name, Primitivo. This place has produced the famous Papale wine bottle with this grape itself. Today the region growing the most grapes is no longer Italy, the Americans brought it and cultivated the largest area in the world in the State of California. Zinfandel or Primitivo wines produce different wine lines. There is no doubt that Zinfandel is one of the best red wine for health.


The famous red grape of Central Italy since the 16th century, Sangiovese is also one of the important varieties of Italy, featuring Sangiovese with a low alcohol content, which makes it one of the healthiest wines. If you know Tuscany, it is this place that has turned Sangio ve into such a premium, California also has famous bottles of healthy wine from this grape variety. Sangiovese wines are best suited to typical dishes from Italy and the Mediterranean regions.

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IV. Health benefits

Grapes are rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol, catechin, epicatechin and proanthocyanidin. These antioxidants help reduce the risk of heart disease and fight free radical damage. Drinking red healthy wine in moderate amounts can prevent liver disease, prostate cancer and dementia.

The alcohol content in red wine ranges from 12 to 15%, contains 125 calories and is cholesterol-free with 3.8 grams of carbohydrates. Below are six different health benefits of red wine.

  1. Red wine contains powerful antioxidant compounds

Proanthocyanidin in grapes can reduce destruction as well as oxidation in the body. Besides, they may also help prevent heart disease and cancer. Resveratrol, found in grape skins, acts as an anti-oxidant reaction. This antioxidant has been linked with many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and blood clotting as well as a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

In addition, resveratrol when tested with animals resulted in an increased lifespan of these animals. Therefore, resveratrol also works to prolong the life. However, the resveratrol content of red wine is quite low. From an overall perspective, drinking healthy red wine at right amount is good for your heart.

  1. Red wine can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke

Small amounts of red wine will have more health benefits than any alcoholic beverage. Research shows that people who drink about 150 ml of red healthy wine per day seem to have an approximately 32% lower risk of developing the disease compared to those who do not. This is because a small amount of red healthy wine may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by retaining HDL-cholesterol in the blood.

The destruction of oxidation in general and LDL-cholesterol oxidation can also be reduced by up to 50%. In addition, other studies also show that red wine works well for the elderly at high risk of heart disease, or it also works to reduce the risk of stroke in men or reduce blood pressure. Overall, red wine is good for heart.

  1. Red wine can improve sex life

This is one of the coolest things about red wine. If you drink wine regularly, in moderate amounts, it can improve your sex life. Women who drink 2 glasses of wine a day enjoy a more enjoyable sex life than women who don’t drink red wine.

  1. Red wine can prevent cancer

Red wine contains antioxidants that have anti-cancer properties and heart-protective effects. Healthy red wine is made from grapes and grape skin rich in antioxidants, has the ability to prevent all types of cancer.

  1. Red wine does not affect weight

Red wine has no effect on waistline and does not increase belly fat. Women who drink one glass of red healthy wine a day have less body fat compared to women who don’t drink. That’s because red wine is low in calories and fat.

  1. Red wine can reduce stress and improve sleep quality

Red wine contains resveratrol, a compound that repairs DNA, suppresses tumor genes and helps increase longevity. Drinking a glass of red wine helps to reduce stress and anxiety. So, start drinking a glass of red wine with your dinner every day. Red wine is high in melatonin, a sleep-inducing compound. If you have trouble sleeping or have a sleep-related disorder, just drink a glass of red wine but avoid drinking it before bed.

V. Health risks

While moderate consumption of red wine has many health benefits, consuming too much alcohol can have serious health consequences. These effects are:

  • Alcoholism: drinking alcohol regularly can lead to loss of control and alcoholism.
  • Cirrhosis: when drinking more than 30 grams of alcohol (about 2-3 glasses) per day, there is a risk of developing liver disease.
  • Increased risk of depression: heavy drinkers have a higher risk of depression than those who drink in moderation or not.
  • Weight gain: red wine contains twice as many calories as beer and sugary soft drinks. Therefore, consuming in excess can cause calories to rise and cause the body to gain weight.
  • Increased risk of death and disease: drinking a lot of alcohol can increase the risk of diabetes in men and has been associated with an increased risk of premature death.

VI. Tools and techniques for storing red wine

Wine is listed as a beverage that is extremely susceptible to the surrounding environment. If not properly preserved, it is easy for wine to lose its characteristic color and flavor. Proper wine preservation is an important knowledge that you should keep in mind.

How to preserve wine before opening

  1. Keep the temperature low and stable

The standard temperature for wine storage is 12.2 degrees C to approximately 16 degrees C and needs to be continuously maintained. Because if the temperature is too low, the cork will shrink, allowing the air to easily penetrate and the wine will be fermented and sour. But if the temperature is too high, the wine will oxidize and spoil. Particularly, when transferring alcohol from one place to another, it must be transferred slowly, to avoid sudden changes of many degrees.

  1. Keep the humidity in the storage room above 50%

Proper storage of wine is to keep it in an environment where the humidity is between 50% and 80%, where the ideal humidity is 70%. Keeping the humidity within the recommended range will keep the best quality of the wine.

  1. Always keep wine in the dark

Light is a bad factor in wine loss of its inherent flavor. UV rays are the agents that break down the structure of the organic compounds in alcohol, making the taste worse. Therefore, wine storage places are often underground cellars and preserved by wooden barrels. Note that when moving wine outdoors, it is necessary to put wine in a dedicated storage box.

  1. Always put the wine horizontally

It sounds a bit irrational, but it’s purely on scientific basis. Because when horizontally, the wine comes into contact with the cork, keeping the wooden cork wet so that the air does not get inside, reducing the quality of the wine. As for sparkling wine, it is not necessary for the bottle to be horizontal. Because carbon dioxide formed from the manufacturing process has created a “barrier” in the bottle neck, protecting alcohol when exposed to the air.

  1. Make sure the environment is well ventilated

Keeping wine in a clear environment and away from foods and spices with strong smells such as fish sauce, pepper, soy sauce, … will help minimize mold growth and sticking. Wooden stoppers affect the quality of the wine bottle.

How to preserve wine after opening

  1. Store wine in the refrigerator

Low temperatures in the refrigerator will inhibit oxidation. Therefore, chemical reactions also occur more slowly, prolonging the fermentation of alcohol. Note when placing wine bottles in the refrigerator, they must be placed sideways or sideways. The cork will expand when exposed to water, thus making the bottle more sealed. The inaccessible outside air helps to limit the adverse reactions to alcohol tastes.

  1. Pour the wine into another, smaller bottle

This is a fairly simple method, easy to do, but highly effective. Smaller bottles mean less oxygen in contact with the wine, making the wine last longer. In addition, you should buy bottles with a capacity of about 187ml – 220ml to use to convert alcohol to when used. Smaller bottles will contribute to save space for the refrigerator.

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VII. Useful tips when drinking red wine at parties

  1. What to eat before drinking alcohol to prevent drunkenness

To limit the effects of alcohol, one of the most important things to do before a party is to eat the foods listed below:

Foods high in fat

It is considered safe to consume fatty foods such as cheese or butter. Because they can act as a cotton absorbent layer inside the stomach to help absorb all the alcohol that you will load into your body during a party. The amount of fat from these foods will wrap around the stomach wall, helping the digestive organs to absorb alcohol slowly. As a result, you will not get drunk even if you drink a lot of alcohol.

Toasted bread

Sipping a few pieces of toast before drinking alcohol will help stop a hangover. The amount of carbon in bread acts as a filter in the body to help absorb all the alcohol.

Drink milk

Drinking a glass of hot milk before you start consuming other beverages will slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol. This helps the digestive system cope with alcohol more effectively. Acetaldehyde is a poison in the composition of alcohol when it enters the body and will be metabolized. This is one of the causes of hangovers.

Vitamins and antioxidants

Supplementing with multivitamins containing antioxidants before drinking alcohol is also one of the effective anti-intoxication measures.

  1. How to drink red wine to not get drunk

Drink slowly

Sip and indulge slowly in alcoholic beverages. This helps to prolong the time alcohol penetration into the body. As a result, drunkenness will be difficult to make you fall down.

Drink more water

Drinking a glass of juice or water in between drinks will reduce the risk of getting drunk. Usually, drunkenness occurs only when the body is dehydrated. Therefore, the addition of water during drinking will help partially overcome the onslaught of alcohol.

Choose beverages with a mild alcohol content

A drunkenness will come quickly if you consume a drink with too high an alcohol content such as alcohol. In addition, dark wines and beers such as black rum, red wine are considered the most harmful options because they contain a lot of alcohol compared to lighter ones such as vodka, white wine.

  1. How to deal with hangover

In the event that you’ve missed out on the steps to stopping binge drinking while partying, here are some ways to get rid of the hangover effectively:


This is always one of the easiest ways to cure drunkenness. Drink a glass of juice, you can apply a cool towel on your forehead in case you have a headache, limit noise, pull the curtains and sleep. If you wake up halfway, you can take a multivitamin and go back to sleep.

Drink a lot of water

Drink water every time you wake up to keep your body hydrated because dehydration is one of the main causes of getting sick. Therefore, the best way to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms caused by a hangover is to eat some liquid food the next day. In addition, you can drink fresh coconut water or lemon juice to supplement vitamins and minerals for the body.

Replace lost salt

Dehydration following a hangover from vomiting can be exhausting as your body loses a lot of water, salt and minerals. In this case, you can use salt supplement packs, which are also used for acute diarrhea. This saline solution will help add a small amount of salt and many electrolytes to rehydrate in time, minimize the negative effects brought on by the drunkenness such as vomiting, vomiting, aches and pains.

VIII. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Red wine or white wine?

White wine and red wine have almost the same number of calories, protein, and powdered sugar. In both wines, they contain nearly all the minerals and vitamins needed by the body.

  1. Is beer or red wine healthier?

Several studies have shown that red wine – especially when taken with meals – provides more cardiovascular benefits than beer and heavy alcohol.

  1. Is it okay to drink red wine every day?

We highly recommend that 1-1.5 glasses of wine per day for women, 1-2 glasses of wine per day for men. There should be 1-2 days of no alcohol per week.

IX. Final Thoughts

We hope that through reading this article, you can have valuable information about the health benefits of red wine and be able to make informed decisions when enjoying a glass. Drinking in moderation is key; if excessive consumption starts to take its toll on your physical or mental well-being, it may not just be bad for your heart.

There are many benefits of drinking red wine in moderation. But, if you drink too much then it can be fatal. This article will provide insights on the ways that alcohol affects your body and how to make sure you stay within safe limits for consumption.

Drinking a glass or two of red wine each day is good for your heart, but excessive consumption can be fatal. Red wine contains resveratrol, which has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and may help protect against cancer.

However, if you drink more than three glasses per day (and especially if you have other lifestyle risks), it’s possible that the alcohol in red wine could harm your liver. We hope that through reading this article, you can have valuable information about how much red wine is safe to consume daily without risking health problems from an increased intake of alcohol content.

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