Small Bites
CơmFragrant Rice--Cơm tấm thịt hoặc hải sản
Bún Rice Vermicelli “Noodle”--Bún thịt hoặc cá nướng
Flat Rice Vermicelli Bánh Hỏi (make your own fun wraps)
Special Shaking Wok-Stirred Fry--Các món lắc chão
Absolutely Fusion Pad Thai
Vietnamese Noodle Soup--Phở-GF
Delicious Curry Selection--Thực Đơn Cari
French Inspired Indochine Selections
Large Grilled Selection--Thực Đơn lựa chọn
Beverages--Nước giải khát:
Wines List
Beers List
Cơm Fragrant Rice
Rice with selection from grilled meat, 7.50
Pork, pork chop, or chicken.
Rice with beef or short rib, 8.50
Special rice with selection from grilled pork, pork chop or chicken, 8.50
With BBQ pork, shrimp cake, fried egg
Special rice with grilled beef or short rib, 8.95             
Rice with grilled lamb,  8.95
Rice with grilled shrimps, 8.95
Rice with grilled flounder, 9.95
Rice with grilled salmon, 10.95

Garnished w/ pickled carrot, Chinese daikon, cucumber & crispy scallions. & fish sauce.